The subject of scientist acting as policy advocates is certainly not a new concept.  There are numerous examples of scientists that advocate to politicians in favor of a policy position. 

What if that scientist was a government employee?  One can imagine that scientist having the inside track to various policy makers and steering them to their preferred policy position. 

The purpose of this blog will be to expose scientists that act as policy advocates.  We will initially limit the scope of this examination to only governmental scientists.  The intention is not to pick upon government scientists, but rather examine the linkages between government scientists and politicians (who make public policy).  As we progress through this study, we will examine the linkages between scientists, NGOs, politicians, government employees.

The scope of this case study will be on a single product which has been banned in two states and several cities.  There are several advantages to looking at this phenomena from this viewpoint.  The first advantage is that it appears that this is the first of its kind research.  One product and how bans evolved and the actors behind these bans.  The second advantage is that linkages between scientists and politician often with the same characters are involved. Again, this research is unique in several ways.  

The scope of this research will be further narrowed by examining those actors involved with the product bans of coal tar-based pavement sealer.  This will limit the actors involved and hopefully simplify the examination of these complex relationships.    That does not mean that other scientist will be examined.  It is always nice to have a little variety!

So here we go………

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